Friday, April 29, 2011

Tong Li - Eternal Singing Endless Love X (2011) [WAV]



01.Going Home 回家

02.Lark In The Clear Air 晴空的云雀

03.A Perfect Indian 完美印第安人

04.Don't Keep Your Distance 阿根廷别为我哭泣

05.Nocturne 夜曲

06.Scarborough Fair 斯卡保罗市集

07.Where's My Love 我的爱在何方

08.Make Believe It's Your First Time 假装它是你的第一次

09.Yesterday Once More 昨日重现

10.Amaxing Grcae 奇异恩典

11.Greensleeves 绿袖子

12.Moon River 月亮河

13.Because I Love You 因为我爱你
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Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Better CSS and HTML

CSS and HTML are key languages to begin with, when you decide to invest your time in web design and development. They are powerful languages and most of the time may seem simple to work with.

However, every single one of us, beginners, or advanced developers, have committed basic or major mistakes working with both these languages. With this in mind, I believe it is extremely important and always welcome to learn some good tips and practices which I hope will help you improve your skills and experience.

CSS/HTML - How you usually do and how you should do it