Friday, February 11, 2011

20+ High Quality Color Spectrum and Rainbow Wallpapers

You can’t imagine life without colors. Different colors give you different energy but when they come all together in form of spectrum or rainbow they give you freshness and happiness. So for your happiness and to give your desktop a full-of-life look, i have collected 20 high quality colorspectrum and rainbow wallpapers which you can download free by visiting the source site
Used Crayons by CeriseReve
Crayons Wallpapers

Elementary Chromatics by pagit
Chromatics Wallpaper
Rainbow Paint Splatters
Rainbow Paint Wallpaper
Rainbow Square by FastNFurious
Rainbow Square Wallpaper
Rainbowfest by manicho
Rainbowfest Wallpaper
Colorful Desktop Candy by alsnd12
Desktop Candy Wallpaper
Colorful World 01 by mediablade
Colorful World Wallpaper
Radial Rainbow by dewaynesmith
Radial Wallpaper
Radial Rainbow by skepnaden
Rainbow Color Wallpaper
Starsfield Rainbow wallpaper by nithilien
Starshield Wallpaper
Aurora like vista style by mal93
Vista Style Wallpaper
Spectrumn of Autumn Wallpaper by thetangyzip
Autum Leaf Wallpaper
Rainbow pills by JDe
Rainbow Pills Wallpaper
The Moment by seventhfury
Moment Wallpaper
Nebular by james-dolan
Nebular Wallpaper
Visual Spectrum wallpaper
Visual Spectrum Wallpaper
Spectrum Accent by Figgehr
Spectrum Accent Wallpaper
Spectrum Boxes Wallpaper
Spectrum Wallpaper
Spectrum Wallpaper
Free Spectrum Wallpaper
Color Circles Wallpaper
Color Circle Wallpaper
Full Spectrum Apple Widescreen Wallpaper
The Full Spectrum Apple Widescreen Wallpaper

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